3. The man with the wise eyes (en)

Atala - A journey to the Golden Age by Marie Cachet

Version française

At school, we learn that there existed different human types. They show a so-called typical Neanderthal, for example the individ from La Chapelle-aux-Saints, and the so-called typical Cro-Magnon, for example from les Eyzies, and they show the differences. They are clear. Generally, we only look at the skulls, and always, they omit to mention the other. The all others.

Because no one say that Cro-Magnon is not a fixed type. And yet it is presented as THE new European man.
We have seen that he came from nowhere, and now we will see that the famous Cro-Magnon is not a race, species, or a type of man. It is a time period. However they are many reconstructions of one type of man.

“Cro-Magnon” is the man from Les Eyzies. This one. By extension, it has given to every man from the same period reproducing almost the same type…

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