V for Vendetta ; Red Bolshevik Jewish Terror via Screen, A Critique

To be facetious, We are Anonymous, we are Legion hoke…
An awful movie with an awful Jewess “starring”, not exactly Ebert and Siskel () but truthful…


High Tech Man

Thulean Perspective

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We live in a high tech world, but the vast majority has close to no comprehension of how the high tech they surround themselves with and enjoy on a daily basis works. They would not be able to repair, let alone build, even 1% of it. They can barely change a light bulb, or the oil filters of the cars they drive. Note also – and this is rather interesting – that they would not be able to repair, let alone build, much low tech items either. Those who can make things today usually can only make one component to something, and have no idea how to make the rest of the parts needed for the item to work as intended.

So the high tech man is not only not very ‘high tech’ himself, but he is not even very ‘low…

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