V for Vendetta ; Red Bolshevik Jewish Terror via Screen, A Critique

To be facetious, We are Anonymous, we are Legion hoke…
An awful movie with an awful Jewess “starring”, not exactly Ebert and Siskel () but truthful…


High Tech Man

Thulean Perspective

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We live in a high tech world, but the vast majority has close to no comprehension of how the high tech they surround themselves with and enjoy on a daily basis works. They would not be able to repair, let alone build, even 1% of it. They can barely change a light bulb, or the oil filters of the cars they drive. Note also – and this is rather interesting – that they would not be able to repair, let alone build, much low tech items either. Those who can make things today usually can only make one component to something, and have no idea how to make the rest of the parts needed for the item to work as intended.

So the high tech man is not only not very ‘high tech’ himself, but he is not even very ‘low…

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3. The man with the wise eyes (en)

Atala - A journey to the Golden Age by Marie Cachet

Version française

At school, we learn that there existed different human types. They show a so-called typical Neanderthal, for example the individ from La Chapelle-aux-Saints, and the so-called typical Cro-Magnon, for example from les Eyzies, and they show the differences. They are clear. Generally, we only look at the skulls, and always, they omit to mention the other. The all others.

Because no one say that Cro-Magnon is not a fixed type. And yet it is presented as THE new European man.
We have seen that he came from nowhere, and now we will see that the famous Cro-Magnon is not a race, species, or a type of man. It is a time period. However they are many reconstructions of one type of man.

“Cro-Magnon” is the man from Les Eyzies. This one. By extension, it has given to every man from the same period reproducing almost the same type…

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I know that I know nothing

Thulean Perspective


Today we laugh when we think about our forebears, who believed in religious nonsense and the people behind it. Let me tell those who come after me then, that I at least did not believed in the religious nonsense of my own age, or the people behind it. Instead I see that what we call ‘science’ today is mainly (yes: mainly, not exclusively) just a new foreign religion, created for the same purpose as the old foreign religion: to enslave the minds of men, and to ensure that they don’t think for themselves, and under no circumstances ask questions. Instead they are to accept the new religious theories as axioms. “How can you even question these theories?!” They tell us that the Moon is gray, even when we all can see that it is white, and we still believe in them!

Rather than think

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Why talk about the Neanderthal?

Thulean Perspective

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Much archaeological material has been destroyed, intentionally or by accident, or is being kept secret, or has been ‘lost’, or is deemed not important enough by the scholars to discuss. They ‘forget’ to mention so much to us, to the public.

It is no coincident that the first ‘archaeologists’ were all priests, who often systematically went forth to destroy all evidence suggesting that Europeans had had any type of culture prior to Christianity. Some were probably even doing this not at all because they had an interest in what we today call archaeology, but solely to destroy all evidence undermining their own version of the world’s history. “Quickly, dig up the grave and destroy everything you find, before somebody else finds it!”

When priests found Neanderthal skulls, they did the same. They found large skulls, that obviously had held brains larger than those of modern humans…

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About European Morals

Thulean Perspective


One thing that is rather odd, is that Christians seems to think that they have some sort of monopoly on morals and good behaviour, that the Europeans before the Christianisation were just a bunch of amoral lunatics, raping, killing, pillaging, drinking and having no moral attitudes or self discipline whatsoever. They are often Christians because they are good and moral themselves (they are Europeans in blood after all), and wrongly believe that they need to take the consequence of that and therefore become or remain Christians. They know no other good and moral alternative.

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Many modern so-called Pagans seems to think the same, and mistake Heathendom with Hedonism, and use their cartoonish mock-Paganism as an excuse to be amoral and live what the Christians would call ‘a life in sin’ – and what a real Pagan would call ‘a life without Honour’.

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